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  • 60 days of free trial
  • Plug’n’Driver GPS mileage log
  • Automatic logging of trips
  • App for classification and editing
  • Local reimbursement rates
  • Local Tax rules compliant

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A free trial of the Personal Mileage log gives you 60 days of trying out the product. If you like the Mileage Log after your free trial period, then just continue using it. If you are not happy with it, just return it to us.

All we ask is please take good care of it.

All features you need to report a TAX compliant logbook for your business miles is included in the Mileage Log. The process of logging your trips, classifying, and approving the trips is completely automated. Just print or send the reimbursement report directly to your accountant to claim your tax-free allowance.

We provide you with Plug’n’Drive GPS tracker to track your business miles. The installation is very easy and only takes a few minutes. Once installed and registered in the system you are ready to drive. From here on you will never again miss any of your reimbursement. All your trips are now logged and registered.

Editing and classification of trips can be done on all devices in our Mileage Log App whenever you want.

If you need a professional approval flow e.g. for a controller to approve your trips, it is at all times possible to upgrade the Personal product to our Team version. The Team version is also an automated end-to-end system designed to remove the administration of collecting Mileage Logs from employees, and the manual recording of trips in a Travel Management or Payroll System.

Your reimbursement reports and getting them approved is automated this easy – go try it out!

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